R. Aglinskas Individual company "Vailendas" is a private capital company, that was established in 1991. Today it's one of the largest companies dealing with polymer raw materials in the Baltic countries.

Suppliers companies of raw materials strategy - needed link between polymer producer to the processor. Flexibility, activity, credibility, and finally do not always seeking benefit everywhere gave us the opportunity to become one of the largest, most attractive companies in the Baltic region and beyond. We feel a responsibility to the raw material producers and processors, also we offer the broadest range of products.

2006 yr. 9th of November Ministry of Economy in the nomination of "Micro and small enterprise development in the regions" awarded "Vailendas" Director and owner Rolandas Aglinskas the Medal for merit for business.

"Vailendas" perspective is to be one of the most attractive trade polymer raw material company in neighboring countries and Europe. Constantly observing the market supply and demand changes, using the most competitive prices, various package and flexible billing policy, "Vailendas" guarantees a successful and stable business activity, long-term and effective cooperation both with suppliers and with clients as well as polymeric materials processors.